The Race Girl

Third-generation championship caliber racer Alex Moretti drives for his father, Andy, a motorsport legend and now expanding team owner. The team had seemed to hit a grand slam when landing a lucrative multi-year sponsorship with Unibank, a major banking institution based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Just when Moretti Motorsport was advancing toward superteam status, the sponsorship relationship explodes when young Alex is involved in a serious car accident, injuring the bank CEO’s youngest teenage daughter, Amanda, who is suddenly comatose in a Las Vegas hospital and aborting a six-to-seven week pregnancy.

Released from the team, Alex spends two years in motorsport exile while Amanda’s father is hellbent on destroying the Morettis, threatening Andy with a multi-million dollar lawsuit and pushing criminal charges against his son, who now traveled the world for any free-lance ride in a race car he could muster.

When Alex finally gets a chance to resurrect his career, Amanda is pressured to testify against him following new inculpatory evidence from their past relations. As both push back against their feuding fathers, their forbidden romance is forced to a climax while playing out in the courts, the press, and in the corporate suites and backstretch of the world’s largest motor race.