A sequel to Miracle From Ukraine, it is late winter, 2022. Irina Balabanova visits her family for the Christmas holiday, a stay that is extended due to her mother’s illness. Family concerns over a robust buildup of Russian military forces near Ukraine’s eastern border reach critical mass when Putin’s forces invade, and missiles begin to reign down all around them.

Nearby, two Russian deserters, including a distant relation to the Balabanove family, escape execution and head toward Chuguev to seek refuge. Captain Pavel Kuznetsov, a former SSU security officer turned rogue Russian separatist officer, pursues the two as part of an old vendetta toward Irina.

As the family make the trek westward toward the Polish border, they must overcome the perils of a nation at war with human misery, panic, and death at every turn, as well as the persistent and vengeful Kuznetsov, a man who seems to have an uncanny ability to track their every movement and will stop at nothing to extract revenge on the Russian deserters and the Balabanove family.

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